A Unified Envisioning of Future Interfaces

J.P. Molina Massó, P. González López, and M.D. Lozano Pérez (Spain)


human-computer interaction, post WIMP interfaces, 3D user interfaces, wide field-of view displays.


At present, there are a lot of research effort in the field of human-computer interaction that is been carried out with the aim of developing a new generation of post WIMP interfaces that match much better the characteristics and abilities of the human being. In this paper, we pay a special attention to the value of the third dimension for humans and how we can take advantage of existing technology to bring 3D user interfaces (3DUI) to the end user, using wider field-of view displays. New studies on such displays should lead us to guidelines that we could add to existing ones and update current user-interface development methodologies. At the HCI laboratory of the University of Castilla-La Mancha at Albacete we propose to extend IDEAS, a methodology for development of WIMP application interfaces, to the third dimension.

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