A Content-dependent Robust and Fragile Watermarking Scheme

C.-H. Chang, M. Zhang, and Z. Ye (Singapore)


Digital Watermark, Discrete Cosine Transform, Image Authentication.


A novel transform domain watermarking scheme that uses visually recognizable binary image as watermark is developed. The method embeds the watermark information adaptively with localized embedding strength based on the spatial features of the host image. To further enhance the robustness of the watermark, a weighted recovery of multiple duplicates of the watermark is proposed. Besides subjective evaluation, an alternative objective similarity measure is introduced for the robustness tests and automatic verification. Experimental results show that the proposed techniques could survive several common image processing attacks. In addition, the proposed watermark scheme can also serve as a fragile watermark to locate the regions of unauthorized alteration in the midst of the watermark retrieval process.

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