Rate Controllable Image Compression with JPEG-LS

S. Bedi and E.A. Edirisinghe (UK)


JPEG-LS, rate-control, Lossless/Nearlossless image compression.


JPEG-LS is the latest pixel based lossless (LS) / near-lossless (NLS) still image coding standard introduced by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG). In this paper we propose the application of a modified and improved version of the original JPEG-LS standard to low cost rate controllable still image compression. We show that the proposed rate-control scheme outperforms previously published work in applying JPEG-LS to low cost rate control, in terms of algorithmic and computational simplicity, accuracy of achieving the Target Compression Ratio (TCR), range of performance, subjective image quality and objective rate-distortion performance.

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