Evaluation of a Progressive Lossless Compressor for the Transmission of Astronomical Images

M.F. López, V.G. Ruiz, J.J. Fernández, I. García, U. Thiele, and R. Gredel (Spain)


SPIHT, image transmission, DWT, astronomical application.


In this work a lossless progressive image compression method called LPIC (Lossless Progressive Image Codec) is described and evaluated for the task of transmitting astronomical images. LPIC is based on a discrete wavelet transform and an efficient encoding method. The evaluation has been carried out by means of a set of figures of merit assessing the quality of the astronomical images which are reconstructed during its transmission. Results show that the quality of the images is very high since the very beginning of the transmission time. Therefore, LPIC is an excellent tool to allow the remote control of astronomical instruments without requiring channels with high bandwidth.

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