A Novel Image Denoising Technique using Overlapping Frames

K. Engan and K. Skretting (Norway)


overlapping frame, denoising, matching pursuit, dictionary


The use of frames and matching pursuits techniques for signal representation are receiving increased attention due to their potential in various signal processing appli cations. Good design algorithms for block-oriented and overlapping frames have been published [1, 2, 3]. In this paper we demonstrate a novel technique for denoising of images. The technique uses overlapping frames and Fully Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (FOMP) as in [3], in conjunction with soft thresholding. Experiments are done on image with additive Gaussian noise and on JPEG compressed images. The experiments are compared with wavelet denoising and median ļ¬ltering. The results shows very good potential for denoising using overlapping frames (dictionaries).

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