3D Model Deformation along a Parametric Surface

B.-Y. Chen, Y. Ono, H. Johan, M. Ishii, T. Nishita (Japan), and J. Feng (PRC)


3D model deformation, non-distortiondeformation, non-distortion mapping, flattened surface,animation


Free-Form Deformation (FFD) is an efficient technique for editing the shapes of 3D models, and widely used in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), computer animation, computer graphics entertainment etc. The basic idea of some famous previous FFD approaches deforms a target 3D model by adjusting some control points of a 3D lat tice surrounding the model. It is a tedious work, espe cially when the lattice contains too many control points. Moreover, how to place the control points of the lattice to make them cover the region of the target model is also a problem, and it is also difficult to keep the geo metric measurement for the deformed model. Therefore, in this paper, a novel FFD method without any lattice like structure is proposed by borrowing the idea of non distortion texture-mapping for free-form surfaces. By using this method, the shape of the deformed model due to a given parametric surface can be predicted easily, so that the user can get his or her desirable results more intuitively and has no necessary to place the control points of a proper lattice. Moreover, since this method is simple, efficient, and has a real-time response, it is more suitable for doing the animation with thin objects.

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