Interactive System for Pulverized Coal Combustion Visualization with Fluid Simulator

M. Gayer, P. Slavik, and F. Hrdlička (Czech Republic)


Visualization, Particle Systems, CFD,Combustion, Engineering Education


Designing pulverized coal combustion simulation and visualization systems is still a complex task. The current solutions, such as the commercial CFD packages are focused on the precision of the computation. Our solution is suited to the education and computer graphics area, where the precision does not take the first, but also not the last place. The main factor in our solution utilizes the interactivity of the system and its ability to visualize the gained results real-time. We briefly describe the key elements of our system. In the theoretical part of the paper, we introduce our original concept of the simple air fluid simulator, which can be used in general airflow computer graphics animations. Our method is based only on applying the two physics fundamentals – Newton’s Second Law and The Continuity Equation. Furthermore, we briefly describe our simplified coal combustion engine, the heat transfers and virtual coal particle system, which are used for visualization of the coal flow.

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