Mice Bone Characterization from 3D Microtomography Images

E. Martín-Badosa, A. Elmoutaouakkil, S. Nuzzo (Spain/France), D. Amblard, L. Vico (France), and F. Peyrin (Spain/France)


Medical imaging, computed microtomography, bone micro architecture, 3D analysis.


We developed an automatic method to characterize mice bone architecture from 3D microtomographic images. The distal metaphyses of the femur of mice were imaged using 3D synchrotron radiation microtomography at the ESRF (ID19) with a voxel size of 6.65 µm. Within each reconstructed volume, a region of interest was defined and trabecular and cortical bones were automatically separated. Then, 3D morphologic and topologic model-independent parameters quantifying the three-dimensional bone architecture were computed in both regions. The technique was applied to study the response of the C57BL/6J@Ico strain of mice submitted to a model of bone loss by hind limb unloading produced by tail-suspension.

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