Automatic Seed Detection in On-Line Portal Images for Prostate Treatment

V. Audet, P. Bose, D. Nussbaum, J.-R. Sack, J. Szanto, and A. Whitehead (Canada)


Medical Imaging, Portal Imaging, Prostate Cancer, Seed Detection


External radiotherapy is one of the most common treatment for prostate cancer. Conformal Radiation Therapy (CRT) is a specific subset of radiation therapy aimed at preserving normal tissue, while controlling the tumour locally. There are uncertainties associated with radio therapy: set-up variations, prostate motion and systematic errors. In order for CRT to be effective, the prostate position must be known at treatment time for proper dose delivery. Electronic Portal Imaging De vices (EPID) make use of the radiation beam to obtain portal images. These images can in turn help verify tumour position. To visualize the prostate on plain X ray, three gold seeds are implanted into the prostate. In this paper, we present a simple and fast automatic seed detection algorithm, which in turn permits the localization and tracking of the prostate during treatment. Our tests indicate that in all cases the seeds were correctly detected without any human intervention.

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