An Investigation on RF Non-homogeneity in MRI when Different Materials are Scanned

M.A. Oghabian, S. Mehdipour, and N.R. Alam (Iran)


MRI, RF homogeneity, skin depth,standing waves


RF receive and transmit non-homogeneity is one of the most effective causes of image non-uniformity in MRI images and is considered as an important source of error in quantitative studies. Part of this non homogeneity is a characteristic of RF coils and part of it, is due to the interaction of RF field with the body being imaged. In this study, RF field non-homogeneity of a volume head coil is measured in human brain (In vivo) as well as in water and oil phantoms, using a method which was proposed by this group formerly. Comparing the results shows that RF non-homogeneity in water phantom is more than its value in oil phantom. It was also shown that it was even more than its value in human brain In vivo conditions. Non uniformity pattern shows that in both In vivo and water phantom cases, standing wave effect is dominant under our experimental conditions.

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