Extracting Brain Parenchyma and Lateral Ventricle in MR Images by Morphological Methods

M. Jamzad and M.E. Moghaddam (Iran)


Brain Parenchyma extraction, MRI, Morhological processing.


In this paper, we present a method based on morpho logical binary image processing for separation of brain parenchyma and lateral ventricle from bone and arach noids space in brain MRI. The main task of this work is to construct a binary image for each slice such that if it is overlapped on that slice, it will cover all areas in parenchyma and lateral ventricles. The desired image is obtained by a pixel wise multiplication of this binary image to the original image. This method needs a lim ited amount of user interaction in order to select a few control points on arachnoids space of a middle and a top slice. All other calculations are carried on automatically. We have applied this method on several sets of brain T1 MRI and satisfactory results were obtained.

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