Hybrid Multi-Modal 3D Registration of the Brain

A. Abu-Tarif and G. Nagy (USA)


Multi-Modal Registration, Medical Image Processing.


We observed that in 3D images of the brain, Mutual Information (MI), the average Euclidean distance, and the ground-truth distance for 3D registration are highly correlated, but neither the average Euclidean distance nor the MI is perfectly correlated with the ground truth. This suggests that combining feature-based and MI based methods may be better than registration based on either separately. We therefore compared 21 variations on models, criterion functions, and optimization algorithms on images from a single patient, and then applied the best of the resulting methods to CT-MR image pairs from 16 patients for which we did not have the ground truth. The results were evaluated independently. Our median ground-truth distance of 1.42mm over all patients ranked best among those submitted by eight other groups.

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