Improved Technique to Determine the Number of Blobs in an Image

H. Sossa, F. Cuevas, G. Guzmán, and O. Pogrebnyak (Mexico)


Blob, Blob counting, Skeleton, Terminal point, Three-edge-point.


In this short note we describe an improved technique to determine the number of blobs in an image via its skeleton. The original technique was first introduced in [1]. The improved technique also uses the number of terminal points, NTps (points with just one neighbor) and the number of three-edge-points, NTEps (points with just three neighbors) in the skeleton to compute the desired number of blobs in the image. The proposed approach is applicable to the case of blobs such that when its skeleton is obtained the sum of (NTps+NTEps)=2. The technique can efficiently handle noisy branches in the skeleton and the undesired decomposition of crossing points into three-edge-points normally present when an image is skeletonized. This was not done for the original technique. Both the original and the improved technique are compared in several scenarios.

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