RLGS Profile Image Segmentation Algorithm Via Grayscale Range Quantization

E. Nakamura, S. Ando, H. Okuizumi, and K. Sawada (Japan)


Grayscale range quantization, RLGS profile image, image segmentation, DNA fragments.


This paper presents a novel image segmentation al gorithm for restriction landmark genomic scanning or RLGS profile images based on a grayscale range quan tization scheme. In a given RLGS profile image, a large number of spots indicate distributed DNA fragments ob tained in a two dimensional gel electrophoresis process. Each spot corresponds to a group of DNA fragments of same length. The proposed algorithm, requiring no user parameter setups, can extract and label these DNA fragment spots by exploring morphological relations or dependencies found among so called GRQ regions pro duced by grayscale range quantization.

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