Economical Radiosity Rendering Method For Non-Technical Three Dimension (3D) Artists

M. Izani and A.A. Razak (Malaysia)


Radiosity, ray tracing, modelling, Monte Carlo Method and rendering


It is very crucial to the artists to create believable and realistic artworks from their rendering programmes. Undeniably to create realistic and believable computer renderings need some considerations: creative solutions, idea, highly technical skills (modelling, rendering, lighting). It is inarguable for non-technical 3D artist to achieve the above output need some basic knowledge and expertise. But to go further advance one must be good at programming and other technical skills. This paper will discuss about creating realistic renderings by using a cheap and economical radiosity method, it also provides solutions for non-technical artist to create their artworks by using this techniques. To explore this we create Raydiffuse, a procedural diffuse shading utility that we create for Maya and it is very useful for radiosity-type effects and dirt shading. Simulating phenomenon such as dirt and tarnish as well as shadowing from broad light sources can greatly enhance the realism of computer generated imagery. Our aim is to implement a method for simulating these types of 'global' effects using the Maya API and renderer as our test arena.

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