A Human-Oriented Rendering based on Perception of Visual Angle and Viewing Distance

A. Osa, K. Nagata, S. Tsukamoto, T. Kinoshita, M. Ichikawa, and H. Miike (Japan)


Non-photorealistic rendering, Image based rendering, Size perception, Visual angle


In this paper we propose a method to create a computer generated image based on knowledge of the human visual system, which is tentatively called ‘human-oriented rendering’. We are interested in how a human’s perception of an object’s size is expressed in paintings. First, several manual sketches drawn at a location are compared with a photograph taken at the same location. Then the relationship between size perception and viewing distance is measured quantitatively by a psychological experiment. Two pictures of human-oriented rendering are created according to an estimated model function of this relationship. The proposed model of size perception and the algorithm for generating pictures are useful for representing pictures according to a human’s perception of 3-dimensional space.

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