A Parallel Optical Flow Volume Rendering Method on Distributed Memory Multicomputers

C.-F. Lin, Y.-C. Chung, and D.-L. Yang (Taiwan)


Volume Visualization, Parallel Volume Rendering, Optical Flow Rendering, Parallel Optical Flow Volume Rendering, Distributed Memory Multicomputers


In this paper, we present a parallel optical flow volume rendering (POFVR) method for parallel volume rendering systems on distributed memory multicomputers. The POFVR method first uses the layer-partition scheme to distribute a volume data into processors. Each processor then applies the optical flow rendering method to construct the layer information of the sub-volume and render the sub-volume to generate a partial image. At last, the partial images generated by processors are composited by using the RT and TRLE methods to form a final image. Since the POFVR method applies the layer-partition scheme for volume visualization, the interested or assigned layers information of a 3-D object can be visualized. To evaluate the performance of the POFVR method, we compare the proposed method with the parallel shear-warp volume rendering method. Four volume data were used as test samples. From the experimental results, we can see that the performance of the POFVR method is better than that of the other parallel volume rendering method for all test samples. The experimental results also show that the POFVR method can produce good visualization for volume data and it can produce good speedups for test samples on distributed memory multicomputers.

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