Contour Tracing and Correction for the Brick Pattern Structured Light

S.B. Shokouhi (Iran)


Contour tracing, loop network, structured light.


Following the image processing steps on the structured light image, we have a binary image consisting of single pixel width pattern which show where the projected lines are. The contours of subjects mean that certain parts of the projected grid can not be seen on the captured image and breaks occur in the projected grid itself around the sharp edges or holes. In order to produce a 3-D data set, all of the lines must be perfectly formed, of single-pixel thickness and be continuous. In this paper, the grid lines are interpreted and decisions must be made as to whether any given pixel belongs to which line. A novel approach of tracing includes line and loop tracing, introduced to overcome the problems encountered. As a pre-processing required before matching, the pixels detected during the feature extraction process are grouped into continuous lines using the tracing algorithms. These tracing algorithms exploit the fact that we know that the projected pattern was continuous, and allow us to recover the structured light image.

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