A New Approach for 3-D Surface Reconstruction in Urban Environment from Multiple Aerial Images

H. Saoud, Z. Belhadj, and M.-R. Boussema (Tunisia), and M. Roux (France)


stereo reconstruction, multiple views, correlation curves, fusion criteria.


In this paper we present a new approach for 3-D surface reconstruction from multiple aerial views in urban environment. Data at our disposal are 5 aerial images with high resolution, taken on a dense urban area. We begin by a geometric correction stage to provide image couples in epipolar geometry. During this stage, we have taken one of the images as reference, relatively to which the four other images are rectified in epipolar geometry. Our approach of reconstruction is based on fusion of correlation curves calculated from different image pairs. Those curves given traditionally according to disparity are projected in 3-D space. Then, 3 criteria of fusion have been tested to calculate for each point of the reference image the corresponding elevation.

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