Determination of an Optimal Configuration for a Direct Correspondence in an Active Stereovision System

S. Woo, A. Dipanda, F. Marzani, and Y. Voisin (France)


3D reconstruction, Active Stereovision, Stereo correspondence, Camera calibration


This paper deals with 3D object reconstruction in an active stereo vision system. The structured light system is composed of a camera and a laser projector that illuminates spots on the scene to be analyzed. If the correct correspondence between the image spots and the projected laser rays is found, the 3D coordinates of the physical points associated to these spots can be calculated. In a previous paper, we have proposed to perform this matching task with a method based on Genetic Algorithms (GAs). Although that method provides interesting results, it requires some particular configurations (e.g. the relative positions of both the camera and the laser projector with respect to the object to be analyzed). In this paper we describe a methodology which automatically provides an optimal configuration which allows efficient utilization of a direct matching method. Experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the method.

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