Lens Distortion Correction using Bispectal Signal Analysis for Low-Cost Digital Camera

W. Yu and Y. Chung (Korea)


Lens distortion, bicoherence index, digital camera, computer vision


In this paper, a lens distortion correction method for low cost digital camera is described. It does not require any prior knowledge about camera optics but image itself. Bispectal signal analysis technique is employed to ex tract the nonlinearity of imaging optics and undistorted image is obtained by inverse warping of the original distorted image. Experiments are performed on real images taken by a digital camera attached to a PDA. It is found that focusing is a key factor to influence the estimate of lens distortion coefficient. Angular search region of frame buffer and record size have minor effect on the performance of the proposed method, once the lens distortion model is properly constructed. The feasibility for practical implementation and usefulness as an initial estimate for more accurate lens distortion correction process are shown.

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