Presentations of Time-Spatial Works-of-Art in Virtual Reality

L. Miśkiewicz and M. Pietruszka (Poland)


Presentations of Art, Virtual Reality, Methodology


The paper deals with the methodology of creating presentations of time-spatial works-of-art and describes the results of the research into this area obtained by an interdisciplinary team of artists and computer scientists. Special attention was paid to the first stages of designing the presentation, i.e. clear definition of its goal and range related to the function of art, recognition of characteristic features of presented works, purposefulness of selection of given methods and technology. The requirements to be imposed on the virtual environment were analysed from the viewpoint of not only the presentations of time-spatial works-of art but also the behaviour of their viewers so that both the aims of art creators and the popularising goal of the presentation could be met. The requirements were then subject to verification in visualisation and 3D interaction performed using the methods of computer graphics.

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