JPEG 2000 ROI Coding in Medical Imaging Applications

G.K. Anastassopoulos and A.N. Skodras (Greece)


JPEG2000, medical image compression, ROI (Regionof-Interest) coding


Region of interest (ROI) coding is one of the innovative functionalities supported by JPEG2000. It enables a non-uniform distribution of the available bit budget (i.e. image quality) between a selected region (ROI) and the rest of the image (background). This is achieved by appropriate scaling of the background wavelet coefficients. Two different methods are used for ROI coding, the MAXSHIFT method and the scaling-based method. In the present work it is subjectively and objectively verified that ROI coding offers higher diagnostic value for low bit rate (lossy) compression, as opposed to the non-ROI compression of medical images. The MAXSHIFT method, which is included in the baseline algorithm of the standard, proves to be very effective, thus greatly contributing to the use of lossy coding for medical imagery compression.

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