Digital Image Watermarking using Discrete Wavelet Transform: Performance Comparison of Error Correction Codes

N. Terzija, M. Repges, K. Luck, and W. Geisselhardt (Germany)


:robust image watermarking, discrete wavelet transform, error correction codes, attacks.


The influence of different error correction codes on the robustness of image watermarks is investigated in this paper. To encode the watermark three different error correction codes are considered: the Hamming, the BCH and the Reed-Solomon code. Following the idea of the JPEG2000 standard the encoded watermark is embedded by a method based on Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). Availability of the original image is presumed for extraction. The sensitivity against attacks on the watermarked image is investigated. The types of attacks applied are: the removal, denoising and compression attack. It is shown that the Hamming and the Reed-Solomon code yield much better results than the BCH code, though the latter provides more correction capability than the Hamming code. Due to the higher correction capability the Reed-Solomon code behaves better than the Hamming code.

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