Communication Middleware to Distributed Multimedia Applications on High Speed Multi-service Networks: Design and Experiences

A.E. Guelfi, F. Meyland, and S.T. Kofuji (Brazil)


High Speed Networks, Quality of Service (QoS),Management, Video on Demand (VoD), Security,Middleware


Distributed multimedia applications require flexible communication services with support to QoS parameters. So, in the current network technologies we can see that the available infrastructure could support the demanded resources appropriately (for example, bandwidth, delay, etc.), however, the development of applications was not sufficiently stimulated to use all the provided attributes. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to describe the design, architecture and implementation of a communication middleware to provide multimedia services on current 3th generation network environments. Besides, the applicability of this work was defined through a prototype, which allowed the obtaining of practical conclusions on suitable network technologies.

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