The Application of the RASF Filter to Geophysical Data Processing

P. Rabinowitz and C. Sun (USA)


RASF, Filter, Imaging, Median, Recursive, Approaching


A filter, called Recursive Approaching Signal Filter (RASF), is mathematically derived based on a recursive computation of the previous filtering output. This robust filter combines many advantages of most linear, nonlinear and adaptive filters, and makes no assumptions about the type of signal or noise. A key aspect of the RASF is that it can be transformed into other linear or nonlinear filters or their combination by changing a parameter for use in specific applications. Geophysical data usually contains information with respect to different geological structures; however often these information are superimposed on each other. We attempt to overcome some of the disadvantages of spectrum overlap. It combines the features of the space domain with that of the frequency domain and makes no assumptions with respect to the types of signals and noises in the observing anomalies. This method compares very favorable with other methods in separating the superimposed signal, eliminating inhomogeneous distortion and removal of noise.

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