Performance Analysis of Objective Speech Quality Measures under CDMA Networks

K.-S. Kim, M.-J. Kim, S.-Y. Suk, H.-Y. Jung, and H.-Y. Chung (Korea)


Objective speech quality measure1.


In this paper, several objective speech quality measures are implemented and evaluated, so as to develop an efficient quality measures for the wireless telephone network CDMA especially. For such a purpose, perceptually-based speech quality measures such as MSD (Mel Spectral Distortion) BSD (Bark Spectral Distortion), PSQM (Perceptual Speech Quality Measure) and MBSD are considered. For comparison, spectral domain quality measures such as CD and SD are also investigated. The experiments of speech quality assessment were carried out on the speech database which were recorded through CDMA wireless telephone network channels. The performance of measures mentioned above, has been compared in terms of the correlation coefficients with the subjective speech quality measure based on MOS (Mean Opinion Score) test. The experiment result shows that the BSD and PSQM have higher correlation with the subjective speech quality measure than spectral domain quality measures. The performance of MBSD shows comparable to that of the PSQM. This demonstrates that the perceptually-based speech quality measures can be applied effectively to the CDMA wireless telephone networks as well as the wired network.

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