Usable Speech Detection using the Modified Spectral Autocorrelation Peak to Valley Ratio using the LPC Residual

N. Chandra and R.E. Yantorno (USA)


Cochannel speech, usable speech,SAPVR, SAPVRResidual, LPC residual.


Many applications of speech communication and speaker identification suffer from the problem of interfering or co-channel speech. The proposed method is to find the segments of co-channel speech, which can be identified as “usable” and could then be processed by a speech processing system. The Spectral Autocorrelation Peak to Valley Ratio of the Linear Predictive Coding Residual (SAPVR-Residual) is a modified version of the Spectral Autocorrelation Peak to Valley Ratio (SAPVR) used for detection of usable speech segments in co-channel speech. Results obtained using the SAPVR-Residual, were useful in spotting approximately 71% of usable segments, with a corresponding false alarm rate of 37%. This method of identification of usable speech represents the front-end process of a next generation co-channel speech processing system, involving an information fusion/decision system whose goal is speech separation.

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