Document Codec based on Segmentation and Bitplane Coding

H.S. Lee and D.-H. Seo (Korea)


compression, segmentation, bitplane subblock coding, quantization, rate-distortion control


We propose a document codec based on document segmentation and bitplane coding. The input document is segmented into the background, the foreground, and the bitmap. The purpose of segmentation is the rate-distortion control of document in the process of compression. The wavelet lifting is performed and the background and foreground are individually wavelet transformed. The wavelet coefficients are configured into bitplanes and the bitplanes are further partitioned into subblocks. Only the significant subblocks are encoded into bitstreams. The system demonstrates the capability that required compression ratio can be achieved by selecting the appropriate wavelet lifting, or by controlling the subband quantization, or by individual compression of the background and foreground of the document. This capability can be used effectively for the rate-distortion control of the document. The experiments show the performances of the system presenting high compression ratios and PSNR values.

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