High-Performance Wavelet-based Video Coding using Variable Block-size Motion Compensation and Adaptive Arithmetic Coding

D. Marpe and H.L. Cycon (Germany)


Video compression, wavelet-based video coding, very lowbit-rate coding, H.26L, MPEG-4


In this paper, we present a wavelet-based video coding al gorithm within a conventional hybrid framework of tem poral motion-compensated prediction and transform cod ing. Our proposed algorithm involves the incorporation of multi-frame motion compensation as an effective means of improving the quality of the temporal prediction. For an efficient coding control, we follow the rate-distortion opti mizing strategy of using a Lagrangian cost function to dis criminate between different decisions in the video encoding process. As a key element for fast adaptation and high cod ing efficiency, our approach uses an entropy coding scheme based on context-based adaptive arithmetic coding. In ad dition, the combination of overlapped block motion com pensation and frame-based transform coding guarantees blocking artifact free and hence subjectively more pleas ing video. In comparison with a highly optimized MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile coder, our proposed scheme pro vides significant performance gains in objective quality of 2–2.5 dB PSNR.

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