Automatic Extraction of a Vehicle License Plate using Wavelet Decomposition

S.-W. Park, S.-C. Hwang, C.-H. Lee, and J.-W. Park (Korea)


Extraction of License Plate, Wavelet Decomposition


A new method to extract a license plate region using edge properties of wavelet subband is proposed in this paper. The High Frequency Subband (HFS) of an image, which is decomposed by wavelet, has edge information for horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction. Edge information is concentrated more in the Headlight Radiator-Headlight (H-R-H) and the license plate regions when compared to the other regions in the vehicle image. This paper shows a method of extracting the license plate region using these edge properties and also provides experimental results for images of various vehicles. In our experiments we tested the proposed method with the already existing methods and on comparison the results proved to be highly accurate.

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