Real-time Inspection of Cork Stoppers using Parametric Methods in High Dimensional Spaces

P. Radeva, M. Bressan, A. Tobar, and J. VitriĆ  (Spain)


pattern recognition, machine vision, independent component analysis, classification of natural products.


In this paper, a real time application for visual inspection and classification of cork stoppers is presented. Each cork stopper is represented by a high dimensional set of characteristics corresponding to relevant visual features. We have applied a set of non-parametric and parametric methods in order to compare and evaluate their performance for this real problem. The best results have been achieved using Bayesian classification through probabilistic modeling in a high dimensional space. In this context, it is well known that high dimensionality does not allow precision in the density estimation. We propose a Class-Conditional Independent Component Analysis (CC-ICA) representation of the data that even in low dimensions, performs comparably to standard classification techniques. The method has achieved a success of 98% of correct classification. Our prototype is able to inspect the cork stoppers and classify in 5 quality groups with a speed of 3 objects per second.

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