Interactive Shape Preserving Filtering and Visualization of Volumetric Data

A. Meijster, M.A. Westenberg, and M.H.F. Wilkinson (The Netherlands)


shape filters, volume visualization, interactive filtering


This paper presents a method for combined interactive fil tering and visualization of volumetric data. The user can set the filter parameters of a shape preserving class of morpho logical filters, called connected filters, efficiently. The fil ters work by computing some attribute describing the shape or size for each connected component, and then deciding which to keep based on some threshold. We use a method in which the computation of attributes and connected com ponent analysis is separated from the decision stage of the filtering process. After performing the first stage as initial ization, we can perform the (much faster) decision stage many times with different threshold values, allowing inter active filtering and visualization of the results. The results indicate that filtering can be performed at about 5 frames per second on a 2563 data set using a Pentium 4 at 1.9 GHz.

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