3-D Image Measurement using Optimal Intensity-modulation Projection Technique

C. Lu and L. Xiang (Japan)


3-D image measurement, intensitymodulation projection, optimal projection pattern, stripeorder recognition.


The technique of pattern projection is usually used in 3-D image measurement. Since the information is little in any one of the current projection patterns, two problems exist in the current technique. One is that the time is long for the measurement, and the other is that it is difficult to match stripes when two or more objects are measured. To solve the two problems above, a new technique of pattern projection, called the Optimal Intensity-modulation Projection Technique (OIMPT), is presented in this paper for 3-D image measurement. Some properties for the OIMPT are discussed in depth, and a method optimizing the projection pattern of intensity-modulation is given to improve the accuracy of stripe detection and reduce the detection time.

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