Making Airport Security Accessible to the Deaf

J. Furst, K. Alkoby, N. Ougouag-Tiouririne, R. Carter, J. Christopher, M.J. Davidson, D. Ethridge, D. Hinkle, G. Lancaster, J. McDonald, L. Smallwood, J. Toro, S. Xu, and R. Wolfe (USA)


Deaf, ASL translation, airport security


Those with disabilities have always had difficulty navigating airport security measures. In light of recent events and the resulting heightened security at major airports, this will only get worse. This paper examines a proposal to make airport security more accessible to the Deaf community by using a translation and display system for American Sign Language (ASL). This proposal calls for computers equipped with ASL generation software and high resolution monitors to be placed at four strategic locations within the security checkpoint. These monitors will then display 3D computer animations depicting ASL translations of the English that the security guards are using.

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