Global Space Deformation and its Application to Fashion Design

N. Yoshida, M. Usui, Y. Itami, and K. Kitajima (Japan)


geometric modeling, global space deformation, free-form deformation, 3-dimensional fashion design


We introduce a new deformation technique called global space deformation and present its application to 3 dimensional fashion design. The global space deformation technique enables designers with interactive and intuitive deformation of polygonal objects. A user places manipulation points around the region where the user want to deform and move them to desired positions. By changing the locality control value of each manipulation point, the locality of deformation can be easily controlled. Though we originally devised the global space deformation, it can be considered as the generalization of free-form deformation(FFD) and has advantages over previous FFDs. We define the global space deformation based on Gaussian, cosine, and cosine squared functions. To show the powerfulness of global space deformation, we also present its application to fashion design. Various kinds of deformation related to fashion design can be interactively performed by global space deformation in a unified way.

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