Data Viewer: A Scene Graph based Visualization Library

R. Paffenroth, T. Stone, and D. Vrajitoru (USA), and J. Maddocks (Switzerland)


Scene Graphs, Scientific Visualization, Steered Com putations


This article outlines the capabilities of a scientific vi sualization toolkit called DataViewer, and compares it to analogous software. DataViewer was originally designed for the construction of the visualization part of certain com putational steering packages, and consequently it is partic ularly straightforward to closely couple DataViewer with numerical calculations. Rendering is performed through a high-level scene graph which facilitates the easy construc tion of complex visualizations. DataViewer differs from other such libraries by allowing complex geometrical ob jects, which efficiently encapsulate large amounts of data, to be used as nodes in the scene graph. Graphics hardware access is through the OpenGL API.

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