Patient-oriented Segmentation and Visualization of Medical Data

R. Tschirley, K. Köchy, and S. Märkle (Germany)


Information Visualization, Medical Imaging, Visualization and Knowledge Discovery, Visual Software


The PREPaRe system (Personal Repository for Electronic Patient Records) is a patient-oriented internet-based infor mation system that is able to store, combine, process and visualize all types of medical data that are part of a ”per sonal electronic medical record”. Focusing on patients as the system’s end users results in requirements which are hard to meet and make exten sive data preprocessing essential. Extended anatomic infor mation is created from the patient’s data and an enhanced anatomic atlas. Based on this information, patient-oriented, disease specific visualization of the patient’s anatomy is de rived. Embedded into a three dimensional virtual world it provides easily recognizable access to the medical circum stances.

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