Web-based European Education, Training and Accreditation in Hematology

A. D'Atri, N. Casalino, E. Pauselli, G. Zini, and R. Foà (Italy)


Hematological education, EHA, certification, harmonization, training evaluation, webbased platform, knowledge exchange.


The paper describes a research in progress to develop and evaluate an on-line integrated web-based educational platform for hematology. The goal is to improve and harmonize professional skills and competences in this medical field. The target users are: students, physicians, nurses and technical staff involved in the hematological education and training; expert hematologists who need continuing training; all physicians of linked specialties (as pathologists, laboratory physicians, geneticists, immuno-hematologists, pediatrics, oncologists) who may take advantage of these scientific contents; institutions running certified programs in the hematological education, training and accreditation.

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