Using Learning Approaches to Support Medical Case Discussion in a Cooperative Environment

G. Sá Fortes Moreira, F. Campos, L. Rabelo, and A.R. Rocha (Brazil)


cooperative learning environment, web-based education, problem based learning, continuing medical education


This paper describes the use of learning approaches in order to provide the collaboration and cooperation in a virtual environment, Cardio Case Discussion, which supports the discussion of patients’ cases among medical students and professors of cardiology. This environment is part of an educational meta-environment which purpose is to integrate several educational environments based on the web. This proposal supports a structure discussion as part of the cooperative problem solving process in which students identify contextual knowledge that intervenes in the learning process. The discussion implemented in this environment simulates practice and allows the students to deal with real situations, besides stimulating student’s investigation and critical thinking. This paper also describes how this environment supports awareness among users.

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