A Complete Referral-Intervention-Identification-System for Special Education: RIIS

V.C. Ocegueda-Hernández (Mexico), J.U. Quevedo-Torrero (USA), M. Larios-Rosas, J.M. Loaiza-Moreno, C.P. González-Camacho (Mexico), and S.H.S. Huang (USA)


Special Education, LearningDisabilities, Information Retrieval, Matching, ExpertSystem.


This paper presents RIIS (Referral-Intervention Identification-System), an expert system based on natural language able to detect, diagnose and to suggest intervention strategies for learning disabled children ages from 7 to 12 years old. The diagnosis of the Learning Disabilities (LD) follows the approaches of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Mental of Disorders). LD are frequent cause of failure in school, sometimes teachers do not detect them in order to satisfy special students’ needs [1]. RIIS is a tool for the elementary teacher that identifies facts (a fact is understood as a symptom of LD or a problematic behaviour) from a text without restrictions (report) using Information Retrieval (IR). RIIS suggests a group of behavior/academic modifications to correct the detected facts. If modifications do not work, RIIS, through an Identification stage, will administrate a set of specialized tests in order to diagnose the child’s learning dysfunction. RIIS will propose an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) based on the results of the child’s assessment.

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