A Matlab Toolbox for Real-time Control using C167 Microcontrollers

F. Wörnle and R. Murillo Garcia (UK)


Real-time, Microcontroller, C167, Embedded, MATLAB, Simulink


This contribution illustrates how microcontroller based real-time control engineering applications can be built using MATLAB, the Real-Time Workshop and a suitable cross-compiler. The proposed toolbox, MIRCOS 167, allows a user to create real-time executables for the popular C167 microcontroller family directly from a Simulink block diagram, thereby replacing the need for lengthy programming and debugging sessions. Hardware specific units such as the A/D converters, a PWM unit or simple I/O pins can easily be accessed using a number of special C167 blocks. Standalone as well as host-target based applications can be designed. For the latter approach, a complementary host block diagram has to be designed to handle the communication with the real-time target through a standard RS-232 serial interface. This mechanism can be used for online parameter tuning as well as background monitoring of generated and measured signals. Furthermore, the host-target interface provides a simple environment for rudimentary experiments with distributed control systems. The toolbox MIRCOS 167 is available free of charge to educational institutions under the GNU Public License Agreement.

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