Real-time Control using Simulink, Real-time Workshop and Real-time Linux

R. Murillo Garcia, F. Wornle, D.K. Harrison, and B.G. Stewart (UK)


Real-Time Control, Simulink, Real-Time Workshop and Real-Time Linux.


This paper describes how a software system for hard real time control applications can be achieved by combining the software packages Matlab Simulink and Real-Time Workshop (RTW) with the real-time operating system Real-Time Linux (RTLinux). Simulink is used to formulate the controller in the form of a block diagram. RTW then generates C code from this Simulink model. To fulfil the requirements for hard real-time control applications the platform RTLinux has been targeted. The source files of the control algorithm have been adapted to make them suitable for this real-time environment. In addition, a driver for a data acquisition card (CIO DAS08/JR-AO) has been included to interface the controller with the signals of the plant. The application has been tested to validate its correct operation and demonstrate its capabilities for real-time control.

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