Modelling and Control of Heavy Duty Vehicles for Excavation Tasks

Y.H. Zweiri, L.D. Seneviratne, and K. Althoefer (UK)


Control, Automation, dynamic system, mobile vehicle.


This paper investigates model based automation for exca vation tasks. An analytical model for a front end excava tor vehicle is developed by applying Newton-Euler equa tions to each link. The model takes into account the kine matic and dynamic aspects of the mobile platform (vehi cle) and the excavation arm (links and hydraulic system). The model describes the dynamic relationship between the operator input commands (fuelling, joystick commands to excavation arm and steering lever) and the position, orien tation, speed and forces of vehicle and excavation arm. A key requirement for automating the excavation task, is au tomated trajectory tracking. A PID controller for trajectory tracking is implemented and tested using a computer sim ulation study. The dynamic model has the potential to be used in advanced controller design for automated excava tion systems.

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