Behavior-based Control Techniques for Mobile Robots using an Intelligent Machine Architecture

S. Thongchai (Thailand) and N. Sarkar (USA)


Behavior-based control, Mobile robot control, Multi-agent system, and Intelligent Control


This paper describes behavior-based control techniques for a mobile robot. The system consists of basic behaviors for mobile robot navigation which includes emergency, avoid-obstacle, and move-to-point behaviors. The control architecture is implemented using an agent- based system approach. In this approach, all available sensor and actuator interfacings are built and represented in terms of atomic agents. All agents are implemented in the Intelligent Machine Architecture (IMA), which was developed at Vanderbilt University. The basic behaviors of the mobile robot are coordinated for navigation using both subsumption and motor schema approaches. The experimental results demonstrated that the robot can move toward a series of goal points and avoid obstacles to finish its task objectives.

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