Haptic Interaction for Control Interface Prototyping

G.R. Luecke (USA)


haptics, operator controls; forcefeedback; interface prototype


The design of mechanical operator interface controls for vehicles includes handles and levers that are used to shift, switch, and steer the vehicle. With mechanical controls, these forces are a product of the linkages, the type of actuation, contact between gears, and other physical connections that the operator can feel. As the physical controls continue to become an electronic interface to the computer controls, the need for feedback forces to the operator comes into question. In this work, we explore the use of servo-controlled robotic mechanisms to simulate the haptic feedback from the original mechanical system to the operator of an electronically controlled user interface. Using a model of measured forces from an existing linkage, we overlay realistic control forces onto motion constraints to simulate the original linkage. This allows us to modify aspects of the operator forces in software to achieve design goals independent of the physical connections to the vehicle.

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