Integration of a Terrain-adaptive Traction Control System in the Hierarchy of a Locomotion Control System

J. van der Burg, A. Kheddar, and P. Blazevic (France)


terrain-adaptive traction control system, traction coefficient, critical wheel slip, minimum time control, internal force controller


This paper presents the integration of a terrain-Adaptive Traction Control System (ATCS) into the hierarchy of the complete locomotion controller of a proposed vehicle structure. The concerned ATCS was first proposed by van der Burg & Blazevic (1997). It's main characteristic is to avoid wheel slip greater than the critical wheel slip Scr of any kind of tire/ground combination. We analyze aspects that have to be taken into account in combination with other control levels like the Navigation Controller (NC), Security Controller (SC) and lateral dynamics controller (ESP). This analysis includes aspects related to the overconstrained nature of a 4-wheel drive.

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