Fault Isolation for Nonlinear Systems

C. Verde and N. Visairo (Mexico)


Fault detection and isolation for nonlinear systems, decoupling to disturbances for nonlinear systems.


This paper deals with fault detection and isolation (FDI) problem for nonlinear systems. In particular, the first part of FDI problem associated with the de coupling or separation of disturbances or faults of no interest is considered. The main contribution is based on a linear transformation that generates a nonlinear subsystem decoupled from the faults of no interest con sidered as unknown inputs. The major advantage of this method is that the decoupling linear transforma tion can be obtained without solving partial differ ential equations. Moreover, the generated nonlinear subsystem allows solving the task of the residual gen eration sensitive to the faults using the parity equa tions, the parameters identification or the nonlinear observers methodology.

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