Modeling and Optimizing Power Busbars taking into Account Magnetics Materials

J.-M. Guichon, E. Clavel, J. Roudet, F. Janet, and V. Mazauric (France)


PEEC method, Finite Element method, Parasitic Inductance, Optimization


To model power busbars using electrical equivalent circuit is very useful to help designer to evaluate current flowing into each busbar and the possible unbalances between them or losses. The method which is well adapted to this task is PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method. But for the moment, it is not able to take into account magnetic materials. In this article, a way to couple two kinds of modeling method is presented in order to model power busbars near magnetic materials in a design process. The first one, PEEC approach, gives an electrical model of connections without magnetic materials and the second one, the Finite Element Method (FEM), computes the magnetic fields every where of the complete problem. Results of this coupling of modeling methods are presented on an industrial application – a three phase distribution busbar.

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