Energy Management by Internet

C.A. da C. Alves Barbosa, H.N. Baptista Gonçalves, and O.M. de C. Ferreira Soares (Portugal)


Power Engineering and Distance Learning, Energy Management


The growth of the use of the distance learning was a tendency in the latest years of the 20st century. The economy globalisation and the high-speed technological innovations are demanding more and more efforts in formation, training and professional recycling. The growing importance of the energy sector and, in particular the electric energy sector one in economy of a country, gives this sector a higher importance. The energy management subject assumes in this context a very special relevance that should follow and study the evolution caused by the opening of the energy sector to the private investment, with special incident to the end of regulation and to privatisation of the electric energy sector, not forgetting also the role of the advanced technologies of production on the integrated management of energy in industrial installations, in the service companies and in our homes. This work wants to conceive a set of multimedia tools in order to make the energy management subject available though the services given by the Internet and appointed to support the self-learning of those who have interests in the energy management.

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